Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feels like Home

Where: using the PC-laden computer lab at school (shudder)
Listening to: the CHIO OR DIEO playlist on fratmusic.com
Word of the day: "giri"

My family came and visited me this past week!! Unfortunately, traveling for them was more work than play--their flight was late and British Airways managed to lose two of their bags (are you sure it was just the cabin crew on strike...) so they stayed Friday night in Madrid. I had two very lonely hotel rooms to myself in the center of town...so Haley, Tricia, and Laura got to have a little vacation from SeƱora Vicki´s!! ¡Fiesta! But really though, it was an early night at Plaza Alfalfa.

My family arrived the next morning. We had breakfast together and then took on the town. I brought them to the Cathedral and Real Alcanzar, two of Sevilla´s most popular tourist attractions. We climbed the 33-level tower, the Giralda (left). Don´t worry, no one´s knees managed to give out. However, who knows what kind of super camping knee gear my dad might have had helping him on the journey that was hidden under those transforming shorts-to-pants he had on.

We had a snack at a restaurant right next to the Cathedral, then went back to the hotel to recover for a little and check for Karen´s luggage.

Unfortunately it still had not arrived, but British Airways offered to pay for whatever clothes she needed. I took Mom and Karen shopping and they found some really cute stuff that Karen got to sport for the rest of the trip, as well as for a few new profile pictures (right).

The Slovenian Golf Team really liked the clothes too.

That night we went to a fabulous flamenco show at Palacio Andaluz. They stayed for another day in Sevilla. My parents went on a walking tour of the city while Karen and I went to the river to lay out and study.

The Steffensen family sans oldest daughter traveled around the globe. They went to Morocco where Mom bought a rug that she immediately had buyer´s remorse for, but is really pretty. Karen complained, took profile pictures at Granada, and made eye contact with a Slovenian hottie.

Dad collected rocks (surprise!) at the Rock of Gibraltar. He was very angry with the British Airways strike because it prevented him from looking at some Paleolithic cave drawings or something geologic.

They also went to Ronda.

Dad also held hands with monkeys (watch out Mom, he´s getting awfully close to another woman) and documented a suicidal monkey.

They came back to Sevilla on Thursday. However, British Airways managed to ruin the day once again and stress everyone out. Make sure to fly them!!! NOT! Worst customer service ever, thank you Natalie in Brisbane.

Karen and I did manage to gather enough spirit to head out to everyone´s favorite discotec, Buddha, that night. We had a blast!! I can´t wait until we can go out together at home. Which will have to be in a few years because now I´m too old to go to Teen Night. Darn.

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