About Me

In west-side Houston,
Born and raised
At St. Cecilia is where I spent most of my days.
Chillin out, relaxing all cool
Singing tons inside of St. Agnes, my high school.
After a couple years, it was no good!
Time to switch to a new neighborhood!
Went to Missouri, my parents were scared!
Then they sent me to Spain and I knew they cared.
I pulled up to a school on Cuesta del Rosario 8
When I yelled to the cabbie, "Adios! Oh, no! I'm late!"
Looked at this Kingdom, I was finally here!
Time to have the best semester of my year!

Born and raised in Houston, Texas
Attended St. Cecilia Catholic School (2003) and St. Agnes Academy (2007)
Currently attending University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri
Member of Chi Omega Sorority
Enjoys: making funny poems, writing, reading, singing, acting, traveling, meeting new people, giggling, rollerblading, social media, creative projects, teased hair, beaches, the South, Denmark, the color blue, taking pictures, living a life that is in definite need of a reality TV show