Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pijo Pizza

Where: bottom bunk
Listening to: "Gypsy" by Shakira
Word of the day: "ligue"

Last Tuesday we were invited over to the Spanish boys' house for dinner! It was the same group of boys that we met in Plaza del Salvador. Kelly had one of their phone numbers and they wanted to have us over to their apartment and make us dinner. Very exciting, minus the whole possible set up for the movie Taken.

Anyways, we clearly are alive and well still. We went to their apartment in Triana, which reminded me exactly of a frat house. I felt so at home! It's sad how much I enjoyed just being in an apartment with an array of electronics, empty bottles used as decoration, and things that didn't really match or flow together. We went out on to their balcony and played cards for a bit until it was deemed time for dinner.

The boys had made some chicken for us beforehand. It was DELICIOUS. After our fabulous first course, the boys brought out materials to make pizza! Apparently people in Spain enjoy tuna on their pizza. They also brought out "sausage" which we kept trying to tell them that it was really hot dogs. Spaniards really love hot dogs and feel it is an appropriate meat for any dish. For example, Vicki put hot dogs on our pasta the other night.

They also didn't have anything to cut the pizza with, so in typical boy fashion we used scissors.

After dinner and a quick session of screaming song lyrics and dancing, we went out on Calle Betis to some of the bars there. All in all, it ended up being a really fun and casual night. This is what it should be about. It felt like we were back at Mizzou, just hanging out with our friends who happen to speak Spanish.

This is Enrique. He likes to say to me "Katrina de Triana! Ole!!" I have no clue why. He explained it to me, but I didn't understand.

Kelly got to ride on Miguel's Vespa!! So jealous.
It's very Passport to Paris of her.

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  1. Love the plates! Very amusing story. LOL.