Putting the Study in Studying Abroad

I am currently at senior status (a semester ahead) at University of Missouri.  I am studying Journalism, with an emphasis in Strategic Communication, and Spanish.  I am also pursuing a minor in Business and possibly even a Multicultural Certificate.

While studying in Spain, I am taking a total of 13 hours, with only one class in English.

Business and Commerce of the European Union

Taught in English, this course begins with an examination of the economic situation in Europe, including the European Common Market and the present situation in Spain, and then moves specifically to business and commerce in Europe, including banking, currencies and exchange rates, inflation, European stock exchanges, and taxation. The emphasis in the course falls on business and commerce in Spain, covering state-owned and private companies, Spanish business law, Spanish banking, import and export, and foreign investments. The course also deals with marketing, statistics and data processing, and accounting practices in Europe.

Advanced Intercambio

Every student in the program is assigned an intercambio partner, a native Spaniard with whom to meet at least once a week. The intercambio activities are incorporated into the first four semesters of Spanish (1010, 1020, 2030, 2040). By the same token, all students who have completed fourth semester Spanish (i.e., Span 2040 or its equivalent) will automatically be enrolled in Span 3100. This course provides a vehicle through which to interact on a weekly basis with a native Spaniard to improve language skills. The activities assigned in this course will all take place outside the classroom, so the student can practice his/her Spanish on site and in context. Examples of activities include seeing a Spanish film, discussing a Spanish TV program, going to a sports event, discussing Spanish and American family life, and visiting an art exhibit. All activities must be accompanied by Spanish intercambio.
Oral and/or written reports are submitted to the professor each week.

Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature

The 19th and 20th century literature courses will not be broad surveys. Rather, each course will focus on a specific aspect, genre, movement, generation, or period within its century. For instance, last semester Spanish 3250 focused on the 20th-century Spanish novel. Prerequisite: 5 semesters of college-level Spanish.

SPANISH 32803 CreditsWomen in Spanish Literature

This course provides students with analyses of literary works by Spanish women writers, mostly of the 20th century, with a special focus on this minority's sociological roles in Spanish society. From the perspective of various women authors in a variety of genres, the student will approach the voice of feminine literature in Spain. Prerequisite: 5 semesters of college-level Spanish.

SPANISH 36403 CreditsSpanish Civilization

Taught in Spanish, this course offers students a general view of Spanish Civilization from its origins to the contemporary age. This course covers not only the development of history in general, but it strives to interconnect the different levels of phenomena that develop in any human community: economic activities; social and political organization; culture; ideology; and artistic, literary and religious activities.
This course offers the advantage of a program of field trips and visits that will bring Spanish Civilization to life in its different periods. Prerequisite: 5 semesters of college-level Spanish.