Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hurricane Hits Africa

Where: Bus from Madrid to Sevilla

Listening to: “Gypsy”

Word of the day: “waa-haa” (It makes “okay” in Arabic.)

At the end of February, we went to Morocco with Discover Sevilla. We left on Friday, February 26th, at 5 p.m. We took private buses from Sevilla to Tarifa, Spain, to get to the ferry, which would then take us across the ocean to Morocco. Tricia, Savio, Laura, Haley, and I all went together, along with 100 other people. We decided to do it on our own, separate from the school and what everyone else in our program was doing, though we did have some of our classmates on our trip. Some of the other people had flown in from Rome, England, or Barcelona. We were lucky we didn’t have to do that!

The bus ride wasn’t too bad. The guides with Discover Sevilla always have a great collection of DVD’s to watch, including The Office, so time flies. Then we got to Tarifa and were ready to board the ferry, but we had to wait for ours, setting us further back in our schedule. We finally boarded the newly built ferry and found a set of seats. We played cards and I read for the hour or so ride. Once we arrived in Tangers, the night was covered in a hazy fog. It was pretty creepy. We had to walk off the ferry onto just a big, open port to wait for them to check our passports and board the bus. The ocean was to our left and to our right was a tall, thick wall about 10 meters up with guards stationed on it every 300 feet. We were definitely not in America anymore.

We had to wait for them to search the bus then we drove to M’diq (Mdeek) where we stayed at Hotel Kabila. We arrived very late, around 2 a.m., then we went to eat dinner. All of our meals were included on the trip. However, we had to buy our drinks, so naturally our water bottles became our best friends. Haley and I went back to our room and went to bed to gear up for the next day.

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