The Natural Disasters

Here's my motley crew also known as my fellow destructive forces on this foreign journey.  Every one is studying in Sevilla unless other wise noted.

Rachel and E-Rod, 21, Houston
Vanderbilt and Texas
Studying in Madrid

Mindy, Hanna, the Mizzou girls, Melanie
University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse

Aneil, 21, Houston
University of Texas, Accounting
Studying in Vienna

Haley, 21, St. Louis
University Missouri, Journalism, Business Minor

The Trav, 21, Chicago
University of Missouri, Marketing

Laura, 21, Kansas City
University of Missouri, Elementary Education
(not her real hair)

Savio, 21, St. Louis
University of Missouri, Finance

Tricia, 21, Kansas City
University of Missouri, Journalism/Spanish

Mark and Jack, 21, Kansas City and Columbia, MO
University of Missouri