Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Where: SAI
Listening to: my teacher Carlos try to find where "Bibona" (Vivona, a.k.a. Tricia) is
Word of the day: "barrio" (neighborhood)

This week we're having exams, which so far haven't been too hard at all! In fact, I just got my exam for Business and Commerce in the EU back and I got a 94! Great to know that this only transfers back to Mizzou as pass/fail. I have another today and one more tomorrow. I wish MU exams were like this.

My teacher has switched from calling me "Huracan," Spanish for "hurricane," to "Tsunami." I signed my name on my test Tsunami Steffensen.

The Daily Trav: We are choosing countries for presentations in EU class right now. I'm doing Denmark and Poland. Trav wanted to do Switzerland. We just had a huge exam on which countries where in the EU, when they joined, their capitals, etc. Switzerland is not in the EU.

Also, I might have to start a Daily Tricia as well. Currently she overslept for class. Good thing I called her before so she wouldn't sleep through the exam!

We leave for the bus to Madrid tomorrow right after school. I can't wait! There is a large group of us going, but not all together. My friend E-Rod will be there and I can't wait to see him again. Rachel, my best friend who is studying in Madrid, is going to Lisbon. Unfortunately we're missing each other this weekend, but we will see each other in March. I'm not a full person without my other half and I'm so excited to take Europe by storm with her.

In other news, Tricia finally came to class. We assigned her Iceland and Slovenia as a joke. She was totally okay with that. Once again, Iceland is a country not in the EU.
Sigh....oh Sister Pat.

I JUST GOT MY PACKAGE!!!!! Thank you Mom and Dad! I shared the mini Oreo's with the whole class. My teacher Carlos was very amused that you sent toilet paper. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!
P.S. My friends were impressed with how much you packed, Dad.

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