Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Las Cosas Dejadas Detrás

So I know this blog is supposed to be about my travels and trials in Spain, but one of those trials is leaving things I love behind.One of the things I'm missing most about being back in college at Mizzou is the magic of skit and performing.

After spending the majority of my life either singing, acting, speaking, or dancing, I figured my performance career would be over come college. However, Mizzou Greek Life provides multiple opportunities to get involved. Rockin' Against Multiple Sclerosis (RAMS) hosts a lip-synching competition every year (see below links) which raises thousands of dollars for MS research.

The annual skit (here's one that I found on youtube from the 1990's) is performed for either Homecoming or Greek Week.
Homecoming skits are usually about Mizzou and pretty cheesy. We've received first place during my time participating in skit. My favorite are the Greek Week skits. It's a little bit more on the college level and the theme changes every year. For example, last year was villains (we were Hopper from A Bug's Life) and each fraternity/sorority pairing performs a skit without an ending. The skits that make the finals night gets to put an ending on their skit. Last year when we were with Pi Kappa Alpha, we won best script, vocals, costumes (Dad helped!), a couple other things and FIRST PLACE! I got to play the queen and we had the first ever death on stage. I did a fabulous job of dying. That experience was definitely one of my favorite parts of college so far. The moment the curtain dropped was one of the happiest moments of my college career.

Seeing fraternity boys that were too cool for plays in high school dancing in spandex in front of 1,000 people is really a special thing. The hard work that everyone puts into skit paired with the total college-ness of this is something I never want to end. In fact, it's killing me to not be there for it this year, going each night and weighing the competition. The excitement of announcements is worth every ounce of effort that goes into these productions. Thousands of dollars are spent as well as countless hours painting, sewing, building, designing, writing, and practicing.

I've been fortunate to travel the globe to perform singing for everyone from a centaur at a Renaissance Festival to my current friends while they were in high school in St. Louis during my choir tour in 2006 to Pope John Paul 2. The people I've met doing skit in college have become my sisters, boyfriend, brothers, and best friends. It truly makes me know that there is nothing like music and creativity that can bring different people together to have life-changing experiences.

On that note, I plan on buying a guitar here pretty soon.

I'm so sad to be missing skit that I could make this face again.

AEPi/Farmhouse/Chi O Homecoming 2008 This skit was about famous MU alumni. We had Mort Walker, the creator of the Beetle Bailey comic strip. I played Ms. Buxley. We received second place to Phi Kap's "musical" of Mike Shannon. We did a dance with flash lights that was soooo cool.

Our RAMS 2009 performance when I got to be Britney Spears during "Piece of Me" (I definitely got the loudest cheers and managed to dance decently enough).
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  1. WHY oh WHY don't you have a bug's life link? haha...not that I don't know where to find it elsewhere (Cam's facebook), but you should still have it posted for the world to see! We did things no one had ever dared to do, you need to share it!