Wednesday, February 10, 2010

La Leccion de la Dia

I made the mistake the first week we were here to try to get as many native Spanish friends as possible in order to increase the overall experience. That might be alright with the girls, probably not the case with the boys. I've been getting phone calls and texts from Juan since the first week, but have yet to respond to any of them. Ever. I hope he would have gotten the hint by now. However, Spanish men are persistent and forward. Or apparently just Juan is.

Today I received this text message:
"Katrina not you answer that you have no balance on the phone, tonight im in sevilla, we saw the kitten, why do not you come with friends, a kiss, you will not find"

Looks like he finally understood since a kiss I will not find. But what is this business about a kitten? Does that even translate to anything?

Let this be a lesson to boys everywhere: do not try to pick up girls in another language. You will just end up looking like you are really excited about cats.

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