Sunday, February 21, 2010

Carnaval in Cadiz

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On February 13th we took a bus through the travel program We Love Spain to Cadiz for Carnaval! Cadiz is only about an hour and a half away on the Spanish coastline. Every year they have a huge celebration called Carnaval. Cadiz is the oldest city in Spain. It was really fun to see it all. Literally everyone is dressed up in ridiculous costumes. Some of the popular ones were giant babies, chickens, and men dressed as women. I have never seen so many people dressed up in my whole life. The weirdest part about it was seeing these people dressed up in front of a centuries-old cathedral. There were stages with musicians playing typical Spanish music too so that was fun to listen to.

Haley and I as an angel and Cinderella. We bought these costumes at a fabric shop downtown. Haley's was originally a "Virgin Mary" costume. A little girl bought it after we picked it out. These were both made for apparently oversized children ages 5-7. Savio and the Trav were hippies while Tricia and Laura were an interesting mix of overall heinousity.

Overall I'm glad we went for the experience and to say we did it, but it wasn't necessarily the most exciting thing I've done. It was just really cool to see something like that since it would never happen in the States. Hopefully we will go back to Cadiz at some point soon to go to the beach.

For more pictures from Cadiz, check out my photo website!

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