Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

Where: SAI
Listening to: "If We Ever Meet Again" by TImbaland and Katy Perry
Word of the day: "discotheque/discotec/disco"

Buenos dias from the SAI bibloteca aka library aka the wireless room!

I can't believe it's already been a week since we left America...time has really flown.

Here's a quick recap of the weekend, since I'm a bit behind. Oh well, they say there is no time in Sevilla, so there.

Saturday we woke up and quickly went to Toro del Oro (The Gold Tower, above) to begin a bus tour of Sevilla. Here's me with Travis, another MU boy, Tricia, and our friend Savio

We sat on top of the double decker bus and took a lot of pictures. They also had headsets for listening, but Tricia and I just talked to the girls behind us on the bus. They were hilarious, so I think we've got some friends there.

Sevilla has a lot of old buildings, all of which were really pretty. We got to travel to the other side of the river as well, our first time to see it.

After the tour, a bunch of us wandered through town and ate gyros in a park. As each day goes by, we discover a new street or route to school. It's really helping me get a better handle on the winding streets and knowing the layout of the city.

Later that night we were supposed to meet up for tapas. However, we were late so we missed the group. Oh no big deal, it's a tapas restaurant in the area that begins with 'c' (hence one entry's phrase of the day). Little did we know that there are about five of those on one street. So after we spent a while calling Savio and getting nothing, wandering the street with locals staring at us, we finally met up with someone who knew where it was. He took us there just in time. I ate some chicken and potatoes tapas with an almond sauce topping--AMAZING. I also tried someone's tapas of quail egg and ham, which I loved. It was nice to pay for something delicious and cheap. While we were there, I went downstairs to get some change and managed to meet some men from the US Consulate. It's funny the people you run in to.

Then we went to Lone Star Saloon for a little. It was alright, nothing too special, but we did meet another two boys from Texas Tech, both of whom know many of my friends. WEIRD! We talked with them for a bit and I was happy to make the Wisconsin kids feel like they were the ones with the big accents, not me. They were shocked by the amount of times we said "y'all" in one conversation. Y'all crazy.

Danielle, who has already been in the program, brought us to the river to see it at night. The perfect reflection mirrored in the water, paired with our first weekend in Sevilla, really made it special. We are actually in Spain, doing what everyone talks about is the most amazing experience of your life. I never really felt like this day, week, semester would come.

We then went to a club called Buddha to dance the night away, and that we did. It's just so fun to dance around and meet other people. Buddha is definitely one of the nicest clubs I've ever been in. It's all decorated with a Middle Eastern-esque look and made up of three levels. It was a much older crowd as well. I talked to a few Spaniards and danced with the (few) boys in our program. Laura and Haley left early, Tricia and I came home around 3:45. I can't remember the last time I stayed out that late. Even when we left, tons of people were still there! No wonder the Spanish have three hour naps during the day.

Walking up to the third floor of Buddha, new friend Melanie, Laura, Haley, Tricia

We woke up Sunday, went to church, rounding out the day with a stop at the internet cafe (of course) and a little exploring.

Yesterday was the first day of classes! I can't believe another semester has come and gone, I'm technically a senior with my credit hours. I'm taking Twentieth Century Literature, Women in Literature, Spanish Civilizations, and Business and Commerce in the European Union. By today I'm done with all my classes. I really enjoy all of my teachers already! My literature classes have the same professor. I'm taking everything in Spanish, with the exception of European Union. I'm used to day dreaming in Spanish class (maybe that explains my grade...), which I definitely cannot do here. Yikes.

We came back up to the school at 6 for a meeting about our upcoming trips this semester. We're planning on going to Granada, the first weekend trip. Other stops include Ronda, Jerez, Aracena, Madrid, and Lisbon. Once the meeting was over, we still had some time before dinner (which was at 10 p.m. that night), so we decided to do more exploring and head down to hang out by the river. We did the Spanish thing by drinking some wine mixed with relaxing and talking. Our teacher told us in Spanish Civilizations that Spaniards drink wine all the time, alcohol is not a big deal. So that explains why Domino's offered us "agua, pepsi, o cerveza" at 1 p.m.

Hope all my friends back home celebrated MLK day appropriately and had a great first day of the semester!! Hasta luego!

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