Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rain rain go away...because it's hard to walk to class

Where: SAI
Listening to: Club music a la Jersey Shore
Phrase of the day: "golpe"

Yesterday in class The Trav talked about his weekend and said he met some Romanian girls. Our teacher asked him where he went. Trav responded, "Ehhh...they were hot!!!" He also told our teacher that he didn't remember where he went.

He just read that and told me it was "weak." Maybe start saying some better stuff, Trav.

Also last night he used a Pringles vending machine.

Today Tricia and I walked to class in the rain. Either Tricia was looking really hot today or they really liked my orange scarf around my head, blocking the rain. We were our only little Semana Santa (Holy Week, a huge festival here) parade, me as Mary leading.

Flamenco began today! Apparently yesterday when I turned on the light during the other class, the teacher thought it was a ghost. Whoops. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it up.

After the celebration of thanksgiving for Haley's package, we realized her mom sent the materials to make good ole fashioned American s'mores!!!! So I posted up as the look out as we used the microwave. However we couldn't get it to work. So instead we decided to use the blowdryer!! 38 Euros well spent!

We also played a dice game called Farkel. I won a Reese's cup since I won the game. We also fit four college girls on a top bunk. We must be getting skinnier since it didn't collapse.

Today we are having "brother bean" for lunch (which is at 4:30). This will be interesting.

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