Sunday, January 24, 2010

Living La Vida Loca

Where: sketchy Internet cafe, very cheap
Phrase of the day: "I've always thought about that. Being a turtle must really suck."

So we came to this cheaper Internet cafe, which is usually filled with Spanish people coming and going. I'm sitting at this desk and there was a boy next to me. His friend came over and said "La rubia es bonita," thinking that I had the headphones on.

However, I did not, so I said thank you and then he introduced himself to me. Which in Spain means that you kiss them on both cheeks. So a complete Spanish stranger is invading my personal space in the middle of a sketchball Internet cafe. The best part was that I was talking to Rachel on video chat. She saw the entire thing happen.

Spanish men are pretty crazy. They don´t hold anything back. Including their stares.

Everyone stares at us too when we go out because we don´t wear jackets. The people here act like its freezing cold, wearing mittens, giant parkas, and scarves. Several (male) people have asked us about it too.

Today was a very lazy Sunday, with some walking around and exploring. We met a crazy old lady who walked Tricia across the street and started making cat meows and asking us for directions. Everyone always asks us for directions. Clearly we are not Spanish since we are basically shouting in English at all times. Or giggling. Tricia and I have really fun walks to school.

The Trav read my blog today. He liked it and decided to add it to his facebook.

Another one of our friends here, Jack, lives with an old couple who have four turtles. Living in the bidet. They don´t have names, because according to his senor, naming turtles is dumb. So is keeping them in a bidet.

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  1. Sounds like you're having the time of your life Katrina. Just one question: Como se dice "sketchball" en espanol?