Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Daily Trav

Where: SAI
Listening to: "Holiday in Spain" by Counting Crows
Phrase of the day: "That is the most beautiful ponytail I have ever seen."

Explanation of the phrase: We went to Funduncion, the hot place to go on Tuesday, and we met a crazy Serbian boy who told our friend Hanna that. He also told her that he wishes her "good marriage and many babies." So put Serbia on the list of places not to go visit.

This is Travis, he goes to Mizzou with us, but we didn't meet him until we came to Spain. He's room mates with Nick Savio and the other Nick. Haley nicknamed him Trav, which has now become The Trav.

The Trav in action, workin' it for the ladies.

He is constantly saying the most ridiculous things. So, I told him I was going to add a part to my blog called "The Daily Trav," highlighting his most intelligent musing of the day. I originally wasn't going to do it, but....well, you'll see.

"WHAT'S UP DOG!!" said the Trav, as we turned a corner and saw a stray dog. "These dogs just bang out." (What?)

Yesterday in Business and Commerce of the EU, the Trav strolls in wearing his white Jordans. The Trav told me that he always sees people staring at his feet because of his Jordans and if they tried to steal them, Trav would give them one shoe then come back and "smack them in the face with the other." He was workin' that American frat bro look, with a Mizzou hoodie with the hood on and baggy sweatpants from his fraternity formal, called "Gangster Formal."

"We all dress as gangsters because we are, but I don't roll deep like some guys do," mused the Trav about his college life. Well, nothing says gangster like gray sweatpants with a gun on them bearing your fraternity's letters.

The Trav had little to say at first during class, except when he learned that Morocco was in Africa ("WHOA dude"). He made some other remark to which Haley responded "Maybe that hood is blocking your brain, Trav."

Trav shot back immediately, "I'M WEARING SHORTS!!"

After the laughing subsided, he decided that his comment should be "The Daily Trav." Glad to see he embraces his fame.

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  1. toasted rav loves to rage hards with his brahs inda club!