Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Numbers in Studying Abroad Vol. 1

So I've decided to start a little list showing how often or rarely we encounter things, just for fun.

Number Action
4 Months since I’ve driven
12314 Amounts of dog poop avoided stepping in
1 Dog poo stepped in
1 Flights missed
3 Full plates of peas eaten courtesy of Senora Vicki
1341328 Times said “Ahh, si, si!”
13 Credits taken at the Spanish-American Institute
7 Weeks without a computer
4 Days that we have class per week
3 Trips taken with the school
4 Times Vicki has washed our sheets since January
5 Pairs of jeans packed
2 Pairs of jeans actually worn
12 Postcards sent in one day due to boredom of not having computer
3 Times I have accidentally put two contacts in one eye
7 Gelatos eaten while in Italy for a week
8 Times said “You sound like you’re from London!” while in London
29 People from around the world that make fun of my Texas accent
9 Buses taken for over 1 hour
3212588 Times I have realized I need to update my blog

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