Thursday, April 29, 2010

Is this real life?

Where: SAI
Listening to: Lady Antebellum
Phrase of the day: "esclavo"

Yesterday we had some issues with Vicki, our host mom. We asked for more toilet paper since we had been out for a while (we stole a roll from school and even that was gone). I was asleep for it because I have a bit of a sore throat. I'm trying to get as much rest as possible so I don't get more sick before finals next week or before my travels starting next Friday. It's a bit hard to do since this is our last full free week in Sevilla, so we are trying to live it up as much as possible. But Laura asked for more TP and Tricia asked if we could eat dinner earlier so we could go out with everyone. Vicki got really mad and asked Laura what we were doing with it, blowing our noses or using it for eye makeup, which we don't. Then Vicki got more mad that we wanted to eat at 9 or 9:30 because she said that's when we usually eat. However, we never eat before 9:30. Sometimes we have eaten as late as 10:30. So then we end up spending more of our own money on food to keep up from starving in between lunch (which is at 3:30) until dinner. Apparently Vicki told Tricia (whom she calls Patri...hilarious) that she always feeds us that early, she came home from having coffee the other night to feed us and that she is our slave. Clearly something is lost in translation here. On Sunday when we came home, we asked our brother Alfonso if he could call Vicki and see if we could eat a little earlier so we could go see the fireworks at midnight down at Feria, the flamenco festival. Walking to the Festival takes about an hour, at the least 45 minutes. Tricia made sure to say only ask her if it's not a problem, if Vicki can't come home, it isn't a big deal. Vicki didn't seem mad at all when she came home so it was extra strange that she flipped out. By the way, Vicki has a beach house and goes there for 2 months every summer. Clearly money is not an issue to her. Or maybe it only is when she has to spend it on us. That night when we were leaving (right after she yelled at us), the whole family was like "Oh you look beautiful!! Que guapas!!" What?!?! It is just a little confusing as to what exactly is going on here. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on eggshells. Yesterday the light in our room went out too. I was really scared to go ask for a new one.

Of all things, I am scared to ask the lady that I pay thousands of dollars to for a new light bulb.

Besides that, things have been great. The weather is bright and sunny. The Yankees in my program (everyone but me) have had a hard time adjusting to the heat. It was 104 yesterday. I'm pretty fine with it. It's amazing how much it reminds me of home, except there is no humidity here!

I've been putting together a youtube account with the videos I have taken. So far I've tried to upload about 6 videos and only gotten two to fully upload thanks to an extra slow Internet connection. But it now is ready for debut!!!

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