Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Where: Train to Prague

Sunday May 2nd was the final day in our final weekend of living in Spain. WE had the option of either going to a soccer game or to a bullfight. Based upon the mainly reviews we had heard about the bullfight, we decided to go to the soccer game. Tricia, Savio and I went to the Sevilla Futbol Club game against Athletico Madrid. Being at one of these games felt like being at a Fightin’ Texas Aggie football game—filled with crazy people yelling things that don’t make sense and cheering for a team that isn’t that good. The game began with everyone singing the team song of Sevilla. Every single chair in the whole stadium had a piece of poster paper in it. One side of the paper was red, the other white, the colors of the SFC. Men stood out on the field and held up signals for when the audience was supposed to flip their papers. The colors changed in a wave that ran several times around the whole stadium with each person participating. Within minutes of the game beginning, SFC had scored. The poster papers slowly morphed into paper airplanes sailing through the crowd or into confetti, flung into the air after a successful play or goal. A group of men standing at one of the end zones were constantly chanting, cheering and clapping. It was such an energetic and exciting event. The game ended with Sevilla winning, 3 to 1. I really enjoyed the game. I loved how everyone was so passionate about it. I wish we had gone to more games.

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